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Resplendent Beard.

a boot stomping the fine line between clever and stupid forever.

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12 December
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  • heykidzcomix@livejournal.com
Our Law: If you want better media, go make it.

Can we do it? You be the judge: Goodbye Chains awaits.

A pointier version of said, Venus in Points.

Elsewhere: here.

To view the tiny, pixellated fruits of our labor: here.

On ComicSpace: here.

We come from the place that spawned Eugene O'Neill and Doc Hammer. We wish we were a tenth as cool or as drunk as either.

Answers to infrequently asked questions:

1. Yes, you can friend us. Lucky you!

2. Yes, you can use the art/panels for icons or whathaveyou, so long as we're (the royal me) credited for them somewhere--the exception to this being any icons which I'm using myself.

3. Yes, you can whore us out to other people. We want to be internet-important, dammit!

4. No, we don't delete stuff unless the original poster asks us to. If your message disappears, it's because LJ ate it, not because of us. We are love and puppies and we think everything is interesting though the word has no meaning.

5. Yes, they get bigger. Click on them and they double. Like wonderful fat guys.

6. There's an RSS feed here. The Atom feed is here. If you want 'em.

And we thank you. Have a bar, if you'd like.

Emo Max is teeny weepy love.

Booster Gold is unflaggingly optimistic love.

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